essential oil

Did you know that essential oils can significantly contribute to your laundry chore? But, how does it exactly help? What are the various problems that improper laundry handling can contribute to? Should you purchase natural and organic essential oil in bulk? This blog will clear all the doubts and create awareness of the impotent use of essential oils while cleaning fabrics.

The clothes we wear, the fabric that makes up for our sofa covers and bedsheets are all exposed to harmful bacteria, dust, and pollution that make it dusty and detrimental for health.

How can essential oils contribute to deep cleaning?

Essential oils don’t just have a magical aroma, but it also contains anti-microbial properties that make them a multipurpose remedy. 

For tasks like laundry, essential oils can help with:

  • Removal of stubborn stains
  • Softening of fabrics
  • Leaving a pleasant scent 
  • Removing harmful microbes from the clothes

Essential oils are a sustainable option as they do not leave residue behind, making them safe to use.

Which essential oils are best for laundry?

While there are humungous options available, a couple of essential oils contribute to a good laundry. 

Let’s look at the various essential oils and their significance:

Lavender essential oil

Lavender has a soothing fragrance that helps release stress, enabling a calming feel. When you use lavender oil while washing your clothes, it will have the scent of lavender for a longer duration so that each time you wear it, your body can feel a sense of comfort.

Lemongrass essential oil

Our fabric tends to harden when washed using just a normal detergent. But, there is a natural way of keeping the material soft. Lemongrass has the properties of softening the fabric without causing any harm to the quality.

Tea-tree essential oil

Tea tree is a great option to keep the fabric free from harmful microbes and other ailing bacterias. It sanitizes the clothes naturally.

Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil is a versatile one. It neutralizes the stain on the fabric restoring the natural colour while helping to sanitize the cloth simultaneously.

Lemon essential oil

Lemons restore the freshness of the cloth while helping to cut on the greases. At the same time, it also helps with stains. Lemon oil leaves behind a very rejuvenating smell that paves the way for freshness for the entire day.

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