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Tea Tree essential oil is derived from the leaves of a small tree commonly found in New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, called Melaleuca alternifolia. The plant isn’t related to black, green and oolong tea in any way. Tea tree is often confused with tea in general, but there’s no similarity whatsoever. It is an ancient medicine used for generations to heal and cure.

In traditional times, Australians would crush the leaves of the tea-tree plant, extract the oil and inhale it as a cure for cough and cold. This oil was also used on the skin to heal various microbial infections.

In the modern world, tea-tree oil is sold in 100% concentrated form that is diluted with other carrier oils or products before application. Some skin-care products contain 5 to 50 per cent tea-tree extract eligible for direct application on the skin.

Tea-tree oil comes as a significant ingredient in Aromatherapy which experts widely trust. 

It always makes up for a significant cure remedy with anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties.

So, what are the top uses of tea-tree oil? Read on to find the solution for various needs:

Hand Sanitizer

Tea-tree oil has anti-bacterial properties that make it an excellent sanitizing product. Studies have shown that hand sanitizers with tea-tree compounds are effective in killing some harmful germs.   

Reduces odour

Do you know what the reason behind the bad odour is? It is the bacteria that doesn’t smell good! Whether the bad odour is coming from your body, clothes or any object, it is not the thing but the accumulation of bacteria. Tea-tree, with its anti-bacterial property, kills the bacteria and helps restore the pleasant fragrance.

Healing Wound

Studies have shown that tea-tree compound triggers the activity of the White Blood Cells helping in calming the inflammation. It boosts the healing process apart from preventing infections and abrasions.

Reducing Acne  

Skin infections and acne are the results of bacteria that causes skin inflammation. This is why dermatologists suggest extreme hygiene to everyone suffering from such problems. With anti-bacterial properties, it acts as an amazing ingredient to cure acne. That is why it is used in many ance special skin-care products. 


The mouth has the most bacteria when compared to the entire body. That is the reason why a visit to the dentist is a common practice. Mouthwashes contain alcohol and chemicals, and tea-tree is an amazing natural alternative to that. 

Tea-tree oil is one of the favourite ingredients of many aromatherapists because of its versatility.

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