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Who doesn’t like getting pampered after a long day at work or a hectic week? What can be more indulging than an excellent massage therapy! But don’t you think visiting for a spa session can cost you a heavy pocket. At least every week’s visit can be expensive unless you have got more than enough to spend! So, should that mean you cannot pamper yourself? No, that’s not true! Why don’t you plan massage therapy for yourself at home this weekend? If not anything else, it will definitely help your skin feel better! 

A very integral component of massage therapy is oil. It is said the better the oil, the more productive the session! Learning about the right kinds of oil is beneficial even if you plan to visit a massage therapy corner, as you can ask for the best oil at your service.  

So, without delaying it any further, let’s reveal the names of the best oils for your massage therapy session!

Note: essential oils are always diluted with a carrier oil because the human skin cannot take the intense concentration. 

Frankincense Essential oil

The complex aroma of the oil caters to the grounding and relaxation of the entire body, solving so many health problems besides rejuvenating the body. Especially if you are down with cough and cold, it can work as an anti-inflammatory, deepening your breath and soothing coughs. If you feel like your immunity is taking a toll on you, you can try and ask for the oil for your next massage therapy session.  

Geranium Essential oil

This oil comes from flowers that are highly effective in rejuvenating and calming down the body. The flowery fragrance creates the most beautiful ambience all around. Geranium is very helpful in improving circulation, stimulating and soothing the nervous system giving you a more toned look. Especially for females, it is the most fantastic oil for menopausal and menstrual symptoms. 

Lavender Essential oils

A very popular choice amongst many, lavender has the sweetest and freshest aroma, enabling a soothing atmosphere. It also helps for pain relief, sleep promotion, and stamina boost, increasing energy levels.

Bergamot Essential oil

Used for hundreds of years in Italy, the oil reduces feeling and soothes the skin. The citrusy aroma and pleasant smell improve mood anxiety and sad feelings. 


Peppermint is an amazing oil for opening the sinus and relieving colds and stuffy nose. The tropical use of essential oils suppliers improves mood and headache, reduces muscle inflammation and soothes pain.

That’s it! So, next time when you go for massage therapy, ask what will suit your body’s needs very well.

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