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The while little square pieces that you often see burning in your home’s worship space and in temples are called camphor. But, what’s the essence of burning it? Is it just a ritual, or there’s a reason behind the practice? 

Let’s find out!

What is Camphor?

It is a combustible white solid, carrying a pungent smell and a sour taste. But, do not taste it; it is not supposed to be eaten!

The element has a wide range of benefits catering for health, hair, and skin problems.

About Camphor

Camphor is extracted from a tree’s bark called Cinnamonun Camphora. For camphor oil extraction, the tree must be at least 50 years old as it is only then that the tree produces the waxy substance.

Camphor oil is obtained from steam distillation of the oil sustained from the tree’s stems.

The tree is a native of Japan (Hiroshima). It includes evergreen vegetation that is now found all over Asia, mainly in Indonesia.

Camphor makes up for an essential ingredient in vapour rubs, liniments, balms, and others. It is also an active ingredient that works as a cockroach repellent keeping moths and other insects away from the home’s ambience and wardrobe.

Here is the set of benefits offered by camphor

Relieves swelling and pain

Camphor is an active ingredient in balms that relieves pain. Camphor on the skin acts like a counter element that is greatly helpful in pain relief. It numbs the endings of sensory nerves that treat pain and inflammation that also helps prevents skin redness.

Alleviates Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are a widespread problem faced by many that leave redness. Camphor is very effective for treating rashes and redness and is used as a topical itch relieving gel. 

Treating cough and cold

Camphor helps treat colds and coughs, relieving throat congestion. Vaporub and decongestants are ingredients that help in the treatment where camphor is a significant ingredient.  

Helps hair growth

There are a number of factors resulting in hair fall, including improper hair care and usage of chemical-based products. As far as the cause, camphor oil is an active ingredient in treating abnormal hair loss or hair loss in general. It softens the hair and boosts hair growth. Besides hair loss treatment, it also helps lessen lice, and with regular and consistent use, it can completely eradicate the problem. 

Purifies the ambience

Burning camphor can help purify the home’s interior and bring positivity and freshness. That’s one of the reasons why burning camphor has been traditionally used in Indian households. 

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