Aroma Candles

Aroma Candles come with therapeutic properties that contain the essence of essential oils. These candles come with holistic benefits that provide eternal care to mind, body and soul. They are used in the process of aromatherapy that eases many health problems such as stress, lowered energy levels, body pain, decreased concentration, and others. The essential oil fragrance stimulates the senses, further lowering systolic blood pressure. Besides the amazing scent, essential oils have the ability to boost moods and make us feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Aromatherapy can eliminate the negative emotions that we withhold due to certain mishappenings. Medications help the human body by accompanying physiological changes, and so does aromatherapy, but without asserting any pressure on the human body. Scent has a very functional relationship with the brain that evokes a response. 

Inhaling aromatic candles can trigger the relationship between the brain and the sense of smell. This relationship is very establishing for your health and mood.

What is aroma oil made up of?

An aroma candle comprises three main ingredients: wax, wick, and essential oil. The characteristic of a good aroma candle is that its wick is made up of either hemp or cotton. A good aromatherapy candle has a wick that is made from either cotton or hemp. The wicks do not contain toxic elements, such as zinc and lead, because these elements can burn and spread into the air entering the respiratory tract, which is harmful.

When it comes to wax, the candles should not be made of paraffin wax that is derived from petroleum containing toxic elements such as benzene and formaldehyde. The best ones are beeswax, rapeseed wax, candelilla wax and others. 

With the usage of essential oils, one needs to be careful of ‘fragrance oil’ and ‘perfume’ as that indicates the use of synthetic oils. The oils used should be the best grade and 100% natural.

Benefits of aroma candles include

  • They help release stress and combat anxiety
  • Works as a natural energy booster  
  • Relives congestion 
  • Assists mental fatigue
  • Paves the way for a good quality sleep
  • Relives aching muscles

What’s the challenge?

While candles are commonly available in the market, the difficult task is to buy natural candles. Ordinary candles are made of paraffin wax, fragrance oils, and lead wicks, which is not a sustainable purchase. Thus finding natural candles becomes a challenge. If you really want to benefit from burning candles, the best thing is to invest a bit more and buy something that is good for your body and soul. 

Aroma Souls bring you natural essential oil candles that are made from 100% pure and non-harmful ingredients.

We are a pure and natural wholesale essential oil supplier. It is led by the leading aromatherapist Gunjandeep Singh speaking of the assured quality that comes along with the product.

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