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It isn’t a secret anymore that Aromatherapy has been on a constant rise in demand in recent years and shows no significant sign of slowing down any time soon. Many self-care products containing natural and organic essential oils, or sometimes an essential oil in its purest form, can be used with rollerballs, diffusers and bath bombs. 

In the wellness world, essential oil is a very famous name. It promises concentration, peaceful sleep and reduced mental and physical stress. But, although the awareness of essential oil is increasing, many still aren’t informed well about Aromatherapy and its effects.

If you have been longing to know about Aromatherapy, you have landed on the right page. Keep reading to learn more about the process and its significance!

So, what is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a chief concept of herbal medical science in the present scenario. Aromatherapy is not a modern-day concept. In ancient times, priests used aromatherapy, who also acted as doctors. It was used in religious ceremonies and natural medicines. 

Essential oils are extracts of aromatic plants that have healing properties. Aromatherapy is based on these essential oils. Aromatic plants are extremely volatile in nature, which means that it easily evaporates at normal temperature. 

When these essential oils are put into the diffuser, the oil’s aroma spreads all around the room, entering the human lungs and bloodstream. These oils have various biological properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, etc. 

Does Aromatherapy really help with stress relief? If yes, how?

Many different essential oils are primarily effective for stress release. A very significant example of one such oil is Lavender. According to many research reports, Lavender oil is backed by robust scientific data behind it. 

Our sense of smell, called olfaction, has an inbuilt roadway towards the brain. Thus, aromas have an intricate connection with our feelings that directly affects our emotional health. 

Further, essential oils have more on the platter to offer apart from the aroma. Let’s take the example of lavender essential oil again; various reports have proven that lavender essential oil tones down the activity of a certain stimulatory neuron receptor called the NMDA receptor. In turn, this effect turns the nerves’ excess stimulation, providing the much-needed stress release. 

Essential oils promote a calm and stable mood and maintain well-being and happiness in one’s life.  


Pure essential oil forms have a very stimulating effect on the human body. It promotes mental, emotional as well as physical wellness. But, a lot depends on the quality and purity of the essential oil. The founder of Aroma Souls, Gunjandeep Singh, has a very profound experience in making essential oils that contain the magical aroma in the purest form. We facilitate the sale of bulk essential oils to cater for all your life needs.

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