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Can you trust anything more than the good old wise process? Aromatherapy is a healing process that is more than 5000 years old. Probably as old as Ayurveda, or maybe more! The history of aromatherapy in India goes back to the times when veds would extract oil from plant sources to heal many problems.

Besides making up for physical cures, aromatherapy makes up for the best mental and emotional care.

The process of aromatherapy is highly based on the science behind fragrance and how it impacts human lives and behaviours.

Let’s look at a few pointers about fragrance or rather uncommon facts:

The smelling sense of human beings can detect almost a trillion kinds of fragrance

According to a journal published in 2014, human beings can sense almost a trillion different types of smells through receptors in everybody’s nose. 

Humans can smell feelings

Did you just accidentally pick up the t-shirt of a loved one, smell it and get lost in the memories you created with that person? That is the magic of fragrance. A study in 2012 revealed that through a certain kind of smell in the sweat, people in the surroundings start empathising with the encounter of certain emotions.

Good smells make you happier

A refreshing smell directly communicates with the mind, uplifts the mood and makes you happier. Thus an essential oil candle with the right kind of smell is the perfect idea to unwind after a long day.

How does smell affect human psychological activities?

The aromatic components have been natural components to relieve physical, mental and spiritual stress since the very begining. Basically, in the process of aromatherapy, the substances of high-fragrance are treated as sources for the treatment of multiple problems.

The traditional medicines used in modern times and the form of essential oil compounds are used for various physical and psychological treatments. 

If studies are to believe, with fragrance, the olfactory stimulation through inhalation results in tremendous psychological stimuli.   

Some healing perspectives of aromatherapy with essential oils include:

  • A perfect method to unwind the long day and allow oneself for a peaceful and restful sleep
  • Helps release emotional stress and calm the mind
  • Brings peace of mind that helps you thrive in professional life
  • Bring the magic of romance into your relationship and cultivate the relationship. 

Ultimately, the truth is that there’s an oil for every emotion, for every problem and for every situation. 

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