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Orange oil is widely used for many purposes, primarily because of the citrusy aroma that adds instant freshness to anything and everything. In Bulk essential oil sales, the demand for this has been notably higher than all others.

Bitter orange is the citrusy type of orange that mainly comes from the regions of Southeast Asia and is majorly used by human beings all around the world.

The leaf, peel, fruit, and fruit juice; everything part of a bitter orange plant carries medicinal and healing properties. Mostly, bitter orange oil is made from orange peel.

Besides benefits for the skin to treat fungal infections, bitter orange oil caters for many other health requirements as well. It is highly effective in improving appetite and is immensely used for weight loss. Additionally, it also helps cure upset stomach, CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and nasal congestion.

The bitter orange flower helps cure Gastrointestinal Disorders pertaining to intestinal ulcers, constipation, blood in faeces, diarrhoea, drooping rectum or anus and intestinal gas.

How does aromatherapy with bitter orange essential oil help?

There are plenty of benefits of aromatherapy with bitter orange essential oil. Let’s look at some of them.

Refreshes mood

Bitter orange oil has a citrusy aroma that can help boost mood and instantly make you feel refreshed. The fragrance and effect are such that you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed. On days when you do not feel your best or somehow juggle with social and mental problems, aromatherapy with bitter orange oil works as the best therapy.

Improves blood circulation

The refreshed mood comes from improved blood circulation. Bitter essential has a profound impact on blood circulation that ignites mood.

Alleviates Stress

Bitter orange claims the mind and emotions very well, which further helps calm the body and mind. The oil has been apprehensively famous as a meditation oil that brings the subtleness and peace in the surrounding that one needs to relax and rewind. Further, using a diffuser or aromatherapy with bitter orange essential oil dispels frustration and tantrums in people of all ages. Overall, there’s a very positive settlement of the mind and the body with a sustainable and guided use of bitter orange essential oil.

Treats Skin condition

Orange is a very rich source of vitamin C that is proven for excellent skin texture and dewy glow. Due to the rich Vitamin C content in the oil, your skin would love the effects. However, one should not use an essential oil on the skin without consulting an expert as it is a concentrated form that can damage the skin barrier with the wrong kind of application. 

Pure and undiluted essential oil is what you need to sustain the given benefits.

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